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Dr. Allen M. Dekelboum, Diving Instructor and ENT specialist - After several dives with the ProEar 2000, I have found the following benefits: It works well for keeping water out of the ears.............(Click here for the full story)

John Bantin of Diver Magazine - "How not to pick up infections or Radio 5"
Like all good ideas, it is remarkably simple. It's the sort of thing you might look at and ask: "Why didn't I think of that?" .............(Click here for the full story)

Dr. Fred Bove of - In the past year, there have been several new devices that can be used to keep the ears dry and allow a person with a perforated eardrum to dive. One of the solutions is a mask that incorporates water tight ear covers. .............(Click here for the full story)

Avi Shupak, MD (specialist in otolaryngology and senior diving physician in Israel) - I have tested the mask in a swimming pool doing some breath hold diving to 3-4 meters. The mask is effective and comfortable to use and kept my ears dry. The greatest benefit I see in the product is avoidance of external ear wetting while still having perfect external ear pressure equilibration. .............(Click here for the full story)

Scuba Diver Magazine, Australia (June 1999) - A team from SR Services Ltd, Israel and Oceinic USA Involving engineers, diving physicians, physiologists and Instructors has devehped a new concept in dive safety and comfort - a system allowing divers to dive and keep their ears dry.............(Click here for the full story)

Immersed - Technical diving magazine (Summer 1999) - Keeping ears dry is now possible with the ProEar2000 from SR Services, Israel, and Oceanic USA, San Leonardo, Calif. The system provides absolute protection from waterborne ailments and contaminents and cold temperatures while easing equalization.............(Click here for the full story)

PADI Undersea Journal (Janurary 1998) - "Marine creatures are naturally adapted for life underwater. Not so for human beings. Water and pressure affect every divers ears. In fact, ear infections and ear damage.............(Click here for the full story)

Asian Diver Magazine (Dec. 1998), Shop Talk - "A team of engineers, diving physicians, physiologists, and instructors are currently developing an important breakthrough in diving safety and comfort – the first effective system.............(Click here for the full story)

Dr. Glen Egstrom, noted American authority on diving education and safety and former President of NAUI, Board Member of DAN and recipient of the coveted Nogi award for lifetime achievement in the dive education field - "As you well know the most common problem associated with missed dives, especially on dive trips, is difficulty or pain in the ears. Over the years on literally hundreds of occasions I have given the "orientation" talk to divers.............(Click here for the full story)

Dr. Yehuda Melamed, former commander of the Maritime Medical Institute and chief diving physician of the Israeli Navy. Internationally respected authority on hyperbaric medicine and diving safety - "Ear problems are extremely common in diving especially with beginners to the sport. The most common causes for these problems are due to the increase in the surrounding water pressure and cold water entering the external auditory.............(Click here for the full story)

David Pilosoff, Publisher Yam Magazine - "Diving with Dry Ears (and Loving It!!!)" - For over 30 years I have been diving, photographing and reporting about the world's oceans. During this time I have encountered many innovations in diving equipment and technology so I was not too surprised when one.............(Click here for the full story)

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