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Pro Ear Maks
Date: 10/23/2011
From: Steve

Sent on:23/10/2011, sender Hello I would like to post a review about the Pro ear 2000 mask so that other divers that suffer from the same problem as me can get back in the water. I have a perforated ear drum and diving with out the Pro ear mask is not possible, i have used the mask for about 5 years and the best way to sum up this produt is WOW! it works, what a brilliant product and i can only hope that this will only develope further. The only problem i ever have is when a part of my hood breaks the seal but i have found that it is posible with a little practice to clear the ear cups of any water. All divers that have any ear problems MUST invest in one they are absolutely brilliant. A massive thanks to the people that brought this to market, you have aloud me to continue this fantastic sport. Please keep me up to date with any new Pro Ear developements, maybe a all in one mask/hood that would encapsulate the full head would work? not sure if it would but i would love to try one if you ever wanted to develope this product further. Many many thanks Steve

proear 2000
Date: 1/30/2010

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To: ProEar2000
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 1:28 AM
Subject: FROM SITE HELP The Best Mask Ever

Sent on:28/01/2010, sender I just want to send my thanks for making this great product. I have a small puncture in my right ear and would have been unable to dive without your mask. On a recent trip to Cozmel me and my wife went out and got our open water certifacation. Your mask worked flawlessly throughout the four dives and I never felt in jepordy. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy one of life's great adventures.

Pro Ear Mask
Date: 7/19/2009
From: Peter Weissman

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From: Peter Weissman
To: ProEar2000
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 8:48 PM
Subject: Re: trying to order online

Wanted to let you know our very positive experience with the mask.
Our original planned trip in December of 2008 was postponed due to a broken foot. We finally got a chance to test the mask in late May.
We did have some original difficulty with her hair at the ears so the very first of six dive went OK, b ut all others were much better. My wife has long hair so we braided it near the ears and pulled it back to the top of hear head (the first day we didn't pull it back far enough). Once we got the hair clear, the cups sealed well and she was able to decend almost as easily as I do (I have not problem decending at almost any rate). This made such a tremendous difference in her experience, for the first time she was able to truely forget about her ears and enjoy herself. By the end of the three days of diving she was hooked and was ready to schedule our next dive trip.

Thanks so much. Your mask completely changed her diving experience and consequently made mine much better as well.
Pete Weissman

Pressure equalization is much easier now
Date: 5/8/2009
From: Dolezel Alexandra

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To: ProEar2000

Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2009 11:18 AM

Subject: FROM SITE HELP proear

Sent on:05/08/2009, sender Hi, i am just emailing to say thank you. I have now nearly 300 logged dives and now for the very first time diving is without constant pain and having to pause every second day. Prior to using the mask , volon A cortison ear drops were the last soluation and not even them worked out latetly. Pressure equalization is much easier now, donīt know why but it just works out.

Date: 10/30/2007

Sent on:25/10/2007, sender I purchased a set of ear-pros last week and dove with them for the first time a couple of days ago. I have always had problems with my left ear while diving. It always had problems equalizing. I usually had to equalize about 6 times to go down only 18 feet. I was always the slowest to decend and thought that I would just get better at it over time. I also had problems after diving with water in my ear which would sometime turn into infection. I saw the pro ear and thought I might as well give them a try. I was eager to try anything because of my ear problems. I am amaized at how well the pro-ear works. I am not one to give good praise to much but I felt compelled to do so with your product. Going down to 18 feet took me no time at all. I did have to equalize my ears but only had to do so two times to go to 18 feet. That was how deep the water was where I went. I had been there 3 times before and had always ended up with ear infections and problems equalizing. I had no problem at all equalizing and because my ears were dry, no infections. I did intentionally flood the mask including the ear covers and worked on clearing the entire system. I was able to clear the mask and the ears without any real issue. Your product has allowed me to dive now without the concerns that I had before. It has allowed me to enjoy diving like I was afraid that I never would be able to. I dont know why it is easier to equalize and I really dont care. I just wanted to let you know that I am very appreciative. Feel free to post this anywhere you would like and if someone wants to contact me for any more information, I am willing answer any questions about my ear conditions or about how this mask has helped. Thanks David Cochran

Date: 7/17/2007
From: Nolen Caudell

Sent on:17/07/2007, sender Hello there, I bought my pro ears in 2002 and after 5 years of constant use, I don't know where I'd be without them. I was a military diver and had the usual ear problems associated with that type of diving. I'm now getting my Masters degree in Maritime Archaeology and this mask is great. I can't thank you enough for them. After roughly 1500 hours of dive time on them, they still function the way they are designed to and protect my eardrums. Tell the designer I owe him a beer or 3. Nolen Caudell North Carolina, USA,

Review Asian Diver Magazine
Date: 1/1/2002
From: Judy Ann Newton

For many divers, water and pressure are a problem that has to be tolerated. The ProEar mask utilizes silicone cups, which fit over the ears like a stereo headphones and an equalization tube that extends to the top of the mask.

Designed by dive doctors, engineers and dive instructors to create an enclosed environment for the eyes and ears, this system is especially beneficial for divers who have problems equalizing, cannot tolerate cold water (or warm water), or have had ear injuries that prevent them from introducing water into the ear canal.

The strap system is just as unique as the mask itself. There is a back strap and secondary padded strap that fit across the top of the head, making it truly like wearing headphones. In fact, I found that noises which I normally didn't notice on a dive were much more evident when wearing the mask, so it is a good idea to adjust to these subtle changes by practicing in shallow water or a pool.

Within a few moments I felt very comfortable with the mask, and enjoyed the absence of the cold and stinging water in my ears.

"I could finally achieve one of my greatest dreams in life"
Date: 12/17/2001
From: Silke Aguero, Costa Rica

I already got my open water diver's licence and I could finally achieve one
of my greatest dreams in life, now I'm able to dive!!!! The mask worked
great and I'm realy happy with it. Thank you!

"I was able to easily detect the direction of sounds underwater"
Date: 12/12/2001
From: Dr. Yehuda Melamed, former commander of Israeli Navy Hyperbaric center

During the past 5 years as part of the R and D test diver group, I had the opportunity to dive with several versions of the original prototypes of this very special mask.

On a recent diving trip I dived with the final product which is a tremendous improvement over the initial test units and looks now like a cool Hi-Tech product.

For the first time I truly enjoyed all of the unique benefits of the ProEar, the product has achieved its goals and definitely does work. That is the ability to dive with dry ears thereby preventing outer ear infections and at the same time making the pressure equalization process easier and more comfortable.

I also noticed once again that I was able to easily detect the direction of sounds underwater. This attribute is an important safety factor, especially when diving in waters with considerable boat traffic. I also enjoy listening to the little crustacean and sounds made by the damsel fish and parrot fish when munching on the corals. I love it.
I can't wait for the audio version due out soon.

"It helped me get down to depth quicker and easier"
Date: 12/11/2001
From: Mike Bradley, Sr.

I just finished diving in Maui, HI using the proear. It helped me get
down to depth quicker and easier. I usually take up much too much air
trying to get down with the group I'm with but I found the proear helped
me stay with the group on descent.

Thanks for making a great product.

"I will never enter the water without wearing a Proear mask again"
Date: 12/11/2001
From: Captain Vince Cannuscio

As a Captain on PBCFR's Special Operations Team, I was required to complete an open water and Dive Rescue One certification. During the open water cert I ruptured my left ear drum twice. I had a hard time clearing my left ear. I also experienced dizziness and nausea during my last four open water dives. Water was getting into the ear canal and behind my left ear drum. I purchased the Proear mask as a last ditch effort just before the Dive Rescue One class. I was delighted to find that the mask actually worked. I made six black water dives of 10-15 minutes in duration over three days. I dove to depths of thirty five feet. I had no trouble clearing my ears and no water got into the ear canal. Two other firefighters tried the mask and both throught the mask worked great. I am now going to purchase two more masks. One for my son and the other as a backup. I will never enter the water without wearing a Proear mask again.

"I was able to experience the thrill of teaching again"
Date: 11/25/2001
From: Polly Waddington - Diving Instructor

2 years ago I had to give up full time teaching due to ear problems, last year I discovered the ProEar mask and headed out for a season of fun in southern Italy. Once I'd dusted down my kit and worked out that my Isotherm had obviously shrunk - a lot - since I used to be a full-time Instructor,
The previous year I had worked in Corsica and had been struck down by ear infection after a matter of days.
This year, the ProEar 2000 kept my ears clean, dry and infection free.
So a huge thank you to the creators of the ProEar2000, with the help of this little invention I was able to experience the thrill of teaching again. It has also given me the chance to return to my dream job

"I am still in awe of how great it seals and how easily it clears when you do need to clear it, which is very rare"
Date: 10/5/2001
From: Mike Helmly...Blue Clear Divers

We just returned from a week long trip aboard the liveaboard "Cayman Aggressor IV". We completed almost 30 dive in 6 days and I dove my proear every dive. I did not experience any problems with the valves and saltwater at all. It also performed great at deep depths. Several dives I took the mask to 120-130ft and loved it. I am still in awe of how great it seals and how easily it clears when you do need to clear it, which is very rare.

"I have no doubt the Pro Ear mask is a great asset for all divers"
Date: 10/1/2001
From: Avi Klapfer owner/operator Undersea Hunter - Cocos Island, Costa Rica

I recently returned from a trip to Cocos Island Costa Rica aboard the Dive vessel Sea Hunter where I have the opportunity to dive with the Pro Ear mask.
I was delighted with the ease and comfort of this mask.

As you know teaching an old dog a new trick is not an easy task, worse even is asking a veteran diver to try a whole new peace of dive gear.

The Pro Ear Mask is a wonderful innovation and concept and has bravely stands it tests.

It was easy to use, very comfortable and took no time to get used too. It was so comfortable that by my second dive I only realized I was wearing the Pro Ear when the ocean water hits my ears when I removed the mask on the surface.

I have no doubt the Pro Ear mask is a great asset for all divers, especially those going on the long haul live aboard trips.

Thanks for introducing me to the Pro Ear concept.

"I am convinced that without your Pro-Ears that I would have been severely limited in the diving I could have done."
Date: 9/28/2001
From: Gary Eiff, Ph.D., Aviation Technology Department, Purdue University

Having chronic ear infections since a very young age has left my ears scarred and easily damaged. I have a perforation in one ear and was told by several Dr.s to forget diving. Fortunately, my current ENT is familiar with diving and thought I could continue with care. When I saw your product, I immediately had to give it a try. Since getting my pro-ear mask, I have had NO ear infections or problems. This has intrigued my ENT who now recommends the mask to other patients. Your product has made it possible for me to not only continue diving but I have acquired several advanced diving ratings since starting to use it.

Upon receiving the new ProEar hood a week ago, I immediately traveled to a local dive spot to check it out. Thank you for your efforts to bring this product to market... I have had to limit my cold water diving until now, but have a new lease on fall diving since the hood arrived.

Thanks for your efforts...

"As far as I'm concerned the pro-ear is a godsend."
Date: 9/20/2001
From: Simon Rogerson, Publisher Dive Magazine, U.K.

I used my pro-ear to continue diving despite having an ear
infection on a recent trip to Mabul (used carefully in conjunction with
anti-biotic eardrops). When the diving's that good, you don't mind
bending the rules to rescue a trip. The dive guides there keep a few
pro-ears to lend to guests with ear problems. As far as I'm concerned,
the pro-ear is a godsend.

Without the ProEar mask I was washed up as a diver!!
Date: 9/19/2001
From: Michael Lawhead M.D.

I have purchased one mask already and have made countless deep dives with it and it is truly remarkable. I have been diving with a ruptured eardrum after a failed tympanoplasty. I am a physician and my area of interest is dive medicine. I am interested in getting a second back up mask. my specialty is emergency medicine. I am also interested in supporting mask advertising and publicity in terms of user testimonials as a physician. Thanks again for a great product that has allowed me to continue my favorite sport. Without the ProEar mask I was washed up as a diver!!

"The mask makes it much easier for me to equalize"
Date: 9/12/2001
From: Pam McMillan

"I am a fairly new diver, and I heard about the ProEar mask after I had ruptured a membrane in my inner ear,and doubted whether I could ever dive again.

Luckily my ear healed and I have since purchased the ProEar mask. The mask makes it much easier for me to equalize-trying too hard to equalize was what caused my problem.

Extra benefits are warm, dry ears, and not having to worry about the water quality you're diving in. I have several friends who picked up ear infections after quarry diving. I would (and have!)recommended the ProEar mask to my diving friends."

"It s probably the best thing to happen to diving since the regulator so check it out!"
Date: 9/10/2001
From: Craig de Wit Owner operator MV Golden Dawn

"I own and operate a 10 passenger live aboard vessel, MV Golden Dawn, in Papua New Guinea. My cliental base is the top 10% of the dive market whom expect and get personal service. Part of the personal service involves guided dives and I partake in at least three dives a day, this means I do at least 600 dives a year and I have well over 5000 dives under my belt. One of the inherent problems I have faced as a regular diver is chronic ear trauma. So much so that at I had over 5 ruptures of the right ear drum. (Yep still alive and diving). The last time the drum ruptured when I sneezed so you can imagine how weak it had become.

I underwent an operation where the ENT Specialist grafted a new drum in place and my diving career continued though after every dive I would need to take special care of the ears with ear drops etc. (Something I should have done early in my diving career). The Pro Ear dive mask was introduced to me over about 17 months ago and I can only give praise to the concept and design of the mask. After the initial phase of getting the mask to work correctly I have never looked back, it works! Since wearing the mask I never use drops of any description and I have not had any ear problems what so ever and I have done over 850 dives with dry ears!!!! I have introduced the mask to some of my clients whom have ear problems and they are either buying the mask or have done so already, even people without ear problems are converting, as there are other benefits. It s probably the best thing to happen to diving since the regulator so check it out!"

"I have to get one"
Date: 8/30/2001
From: Carolyn and Dennis McKenzie

I purchased a ProEar mask and it made a remarkable difference. I was able to go a full day of diving in the Bahamas without any problems versus one a trip like before. I felt no pain after diving as I did previously. This means a lot for someone who loves the water and has a lot of ear problems in the past. I tried it out before my Bahama trip in a regular swimming pool and noticed the difference immediately. My husband tried it right after me in the pool and stated "I have to get one" with no doubt that it helped him also. You can refer anyone to me. We were both able to enjoy our
diving much more. Thanks again for your prompt reply and service!

"The Pro Ear helped to avoid swimmers ear and infections of the ear. It is great for multiple dives on long dive trips."
Date: 8/28/2001
From: Gerald McKay - - PADI Instructor

I am a PADI instructor, I have been diving for twenty years and I have been an instructor for twelve years. Each year I take one or two long dive trips to a far away place where one can dive all day and all night. The group I dive with likes to do five or six dives a day for ten or twelve days straight. Prior to using the Pro Ear, my ears would usually give out around the fifth or sixth day. Our group calls it rubber ears. Generally we bring antibiotics to help relieve the ear problems, but the only real cure is to stop diving for awhile and dry out. I spent three weeks at Leyang Leyang and Sipidan this past summer and dove until I dropped. I did not have rubber ears at all. The Pro Ear helped to avoid swimmers ear and infections of the ear. It is great for multiple dives on long dive trips.

"I would like to say thank you for this mask it has enabled me to dive again"
Date: 8/28/2001

I would like to say thank you for this mask it has enabled me to dive again, I thought I was never going to dive again but because of this mask I was able to dive and see the new wreck in San Diego the "Yukon" all the way down to 106 feet in depth.

"Words cannot express how happy I am with the ProEar 2000"
Date: 8/27/2001
From: Charmaine Porter -

I have returned from a wonderful diving holiday which I enjoyed without any ear infections. Thank you for all the trouble you went to, to deliver the mask to me before my holiday. Words cannot express how happy I am with the ProEar 2000.
Thank you for a wonderful product and once again for all you did.

"It has been 10 years since I dove last and my ears used to really hurt me"
Date: 8/26/2001
From: Jody Cohen ->

I did in fact purchase the mask and tried it out in Cozumel Mex. over the past week. It has been 10 years since I dove last and my ears used to really hurt me. When diving this time, I found that my ears did not hurt and equalization was much easier. I would have to say that the mask definitely works.

"Thanks to the ProEar I still dive"
Date: 8/21/2001
From: Dirk & Loretta

"Its going great. I still rave about the Pro Ear to everyone I meet.
Actually I have just got back from Bali 30 minutes ago. did some wonderful drift dive lots of marine life. One dive was like an express train you could hardly hold on to the coral the current was so strong. all in all a great time and great dives. everyone wanted to know about my mask - so I spread the word.

Thanks to the ProEar I still dive."

"I have now started a scuba diving course, this would not have been possible without your mask"
Date: 8/19/2001

I now own two pairs of your proear 2000 mask. I found them so successful in keeping water out of my ears that I have now started a scuba diving course, and expect to gain my certificate in a few weeks time, this would not have been possible without your mask, that's why I carry a spare.

"For professional photographers it is a great bonus"
Date: 8/14/2001
From: "Jack Jackson"

I have now given your mask a good test and can honestly say that it works. who constantly need to be working in the water rather than losing days or even weeks because of ear infections, .

"All problems ceased to exist"
Date: 8/13/2001
From: Matthias Voss - Newsgroups: rec.scuba

You should try the Pro Ear mask. It seals the ears from water,
while allowing equalizing by small tubes connecting the ears with the
frontal mask space, being at ambient pressure .
Friends of mine susceptible to ear infections have had excellent
results, all problems ceased to exist.

"A great experience I had with ProEar2000"
Date: 8/2/2001
From: Theriault James -

Just a note to let you know what a great experience I had with ProEar2000. I had an ear infection that was very painful. I also had a diving class I had committed to teaching on that weekend. I use ProEar2000 and had no problems with the infection or equalizing. It was great.

"Thank you for saving my diving career!!!!"
Date: 8/1/2001
From: Yuri Litvinov, PADI instructor Red Sea Sport Club, Eilat, Israel

I am a diving instructor working in the Red Sea. I want to thank you for inventing the ProEar mask.
I have suffered many years from outer ear infections and it became so bad that I would have to miss
Work at least once every two weeks due to ear problems.

I purchased a ProEar mask in January 2001 and since then I have made over 600 dives with the mask and have not had one infection. I use the ProEar with a thin hood and it keeps my ears warm, dry and very comfortable. It also makes it easier for me to equalize during the multiple dives I make every day.

Thank you for saving my diving career!!!!

"Good performance both with scuba and breath hold diving..."
Date: 7/17/2001
From: Dr. Alessandro Marroni, President DAN Europe

"Definitely positive, dry ears all the way thru, no problems in equalizing, good performance both with scuba and breath hold diving..." :-)))

"I tried them and loved them"
Date: 7/12/2001
From: TIM EDWARDS - Newsgroups: rec.scuba

Yes the do help considerably. I started having trouble with my ears
while taking lessons. I had seen the ProEar 2000 in several diving
magazines and ask the DM at the local shop about them. All he could tell
me was the samething I had read. So I figured what the heck. With all
the money I already had invested in a sport I truly fell in love with,
what was a few more dollars invested. I tried them and loved them. I now
own two ProEar mask. My main mask with my prescription lens and another
for back up (or when other divers just want to try them out :-)

"Always had a problem with Swimmers Ear"
Date: 7/11/2001
From: Diane Newsgroups: rec.scuba

I had a real problem equalizing and after diving always had a problem with
swimmers ear. So after seeing a post on this newsgroup, my husband bought me
one of the masks. I would not have believed the difference that it makes if
I had not tried it. Even though it does look a little strange, everywhere I
go people ask about it and want to try it and after trying it are amazed and
say they are going to get one. I can't remember who posted the message my
husband saw but thanks, it has been a great help.

"I owe it all to the Pro-Ear 2000"
Date: 7/9/2001
From: "Clint Carlson"

Just had another successful live-aboard experience on the Wind Dancer, and I owe it all to the Pro-Ear 2000. Just to let you know I’m spreading the word, and getting more and more serious comments.

"I'm Certified !!!...... I know I couldn't have done it without the ProEar Mask."
Date: 7/2/2001
From: Dawn -

Cont'd from below:

I'm Certified !!! And, I did a group night dive that evening! I know I couldn't have done it without the ProEar Mask. Oh, maybe in a month or two once my ear has had longer to heal, but I'm going to Florida on July 10th and now I'm comfortable in the water and not afraid of getting dizzy! It's wonderful! I know that I sound like a kid in a candy store, but this past month or so has been a nightmare. I still plan to see an ENT Specialist regarding the dizziness, but it's gone for now, for the most part and I'm over the fear of ascending and descending due to ear problems. I'm cautious and careful, but I'm in and down to 40 feet comfortably and that's what counts at the moment. I think my husband was happier than me!
Going next weekend too!
Thanks to all,

"I am diving with ProEar 2000 forever now"
Date: 6/29/2001
From: "Toni Rose" -

I just returned from two weeks of diving in the Bay Islands with the ProEar 2000. I bought it because I have difficulty clearing, my buddy is always waiting for me on the bottom so I push it and two days into a trip I can't hear a blinkin' thing.

I can definitely say the mask made a big difference and I am diving with ProEar 2000 forever now. I cleared "normally" and ascended at the same speed as my buddy every dive. He was as happy as I was about not wasting one second of our dive time. It does require a few extra seconds to make sure that the ear cups and straps are positioned properly and hair is out of the mask but I do mean seconds and well worth the effort. After a few dives I became better and faster and at the end of the first few days didn't think about it being different at all (other than when new people would remind me by asking about it) I also noticed a couple of other things. The dual straps made the mask very secure and I wore the mask much looser than my "regular" mask.
You have a great product and I will recommend it to others, thanks again and good work!!

"Great news!"
Date: 6/21/2001
From: Jeffery Goddard -

"I dove to 80 feet on my first dive without any discomfort whereas in the past dives as shallow as 6 feet were excruciating. All subsequent dives ---same result, Excellent product"

"The Mask makes equalizing easier"
Date: 6/20/2001
From: Simon Rogerson - Dive Magazine UK

Review from Dive Magazine UK, June 2001 by Simon Rogerson

Equipment Matters - The ProEar 2000 Mask

An Ear infection can ruin a diving holiday., and those who are prone to this problem will welcome the ProEar mask.

The Mask makes equalizing easier and will benefit those with narrow or dysfunctional Eustachian tubes.

I survived my 30 dives without any ear problems and then reverted to a conventional mask for a further 6 dives. During this latter period, I experienced some discomfort, but the infection did not recur.

The ProEar 2000 will prove useful for divers who suffer from ear problems.

"It is well made and a good product"
Date: 6/14/2001
From: ScubaDoc (Dr. Ern Campbell from Scuba Board postings)

I have a ProEar 2000 provided me by the company for testing. It is well made and a good product. Functioning properly with a good fit, it will keep water out of the ears - but with a definite learning curve. It will also allow for equalization due to the connections between the face mask and the ear muffs.

Keeping all water out of your ears will be a task that will require considerable time in the pool getting yourself checked out with this gear.

There are several "solutions" to your external Otitis problem, all of which acidify the external ear canal and keep mixed fungal/bacterial infections in check. Of course, keeping all water out of the ear canal is preferable, and may be accomplished by some people by using the ProEar 2000 mask. The vented ear plug would not accomplish this.

"My ears were always comfortable"
Date: 6/14/2001
From: Dawn -

ProEar 2000 Mask!
Well, the new dive instructor wouldn't let me finish my last two dives since I was having ear problems and trying out my "New Mask". But he took me down to 20 ft, practiced clearing my mask and then went swimming for 18 minutes. I just love this new mask. It makes clearing my ears so much easier. And, the pressure in my left ear was never there! My ears were always comfortable. The cold water never had a chance to mess things up for me! My husband was so relieved! I can't say enough about it. What a relief! My ear problem has been a nightmare for me. Oh, I'm still seeing a specialist, but I believe that I now have hope and won't have to quit!
Happy Diving,

"Pro Ear is great in underwater hockey"
Date: 6/5/2001
From: Jim Health -

I think the Pro Ear is great in underwater hockey for people like me who have to keep their ears dry.

"The folks who developed the ProEar have a winner"
Date: 6/1/2001
From: Rick Murchison, Senior Member, Scuba Board

We have our first "ProEar" student now. Together with his ENT Doc, we're all learning how to effectively use this mask, including keeping the ear canals from filling with water even during an accidental flood. (with good head position and no increase in depth) All is going well - looks like the folks who developed the ProEar have a winner.

"I loved the mask it works as advertised and more!!
Date: 5/29/2001
From: Glen Schreitmueller -

I recently purchased a proear 2000 through Wallins Dive Shop in California. Without one, my recent trip to would have been impossible. I loved the mask it works as advertised and more. I was dry at 135 feet in Cozumel's Punta Sur. Fantastic.

Having just had ear surgery (non eardrum related) 6 weeks prior to the trip, I had given up the thought of swimming on this trip, let alone diving. Your product made both possible! I recommend the proear2000 whole-heartedly.

"Now I can finally dive"
Date: 5/8/2001
From: Patrick van der Holst -

I have a pro ear 2000 and I am very fond of it. I have perforated ear drums and it was impossible to dive. The mask you designed helped me with it and now I can finally dive. I just recently on the 6 th of May passed my exam for PADI open water. Thanks to your mask.
Now I want to know when the special hood will be available because I live in the Netherlands and it is impossible for me to dive without one.

"The mask is incredible!"
Date: 5/5/2001
From: John Ginrey -

I would also like to mention that the mask is incredible! I have had many equalization problems in the past, and could not get any deeper than 12 foot, but with the mask, I had 1 dive in particular where I reached a depth of 104 feet, and felt fine. I was having a very difficult time equalizing, and was experiencing a lot of pain in my left ear, and had just about given up hope on scuba diving. Then I was told about a mask which could help, but the instructor was not sure where to find one.

I did a search on the net and found the ProEar mask and located one in a dive shop about 50 miles away. The owner there said that he had tried it and found that it really helped him with his equalization, so I tried it and found it to be a tremendous help. I still have to take it slow, but I
am able to get to any depth I have tried so far.

"The mask seals great!!"
Date: 5/3/2001
From: Mike Helmly -

I definitely have noticed a difference with the ease of equalization. Especially when making multiple dives. That seems to be where I benefit the most. I was also initially a little concerned that the mask might not be a very good sealing mask and leak a lot. Surprise, surprise...The mask seals great!! I am going to be putting my wife in one probably this weekend!

"It Worked!!"
Date: 4/27/2001
From: Gail Jarvis -

My husband and I just returned from our annual BVI trip and the ProEar worked like a charm. Although we do not dive, we love to snorkel, but, due to his perforated ear drum problem, my husband had been forced to forgo the sport, and it wasn't much fun for me to go alone. This year, using the ProEar mask, he did just fine, even when the surf was high, so I now have a snorkeling partner. We've heard of so many divers who have given up the sport due to ear problems. You can be sure we'll spread the word about your wonderful product!
I just read a posting on a BVI travel bulletin board from a guy who gave up diving 4-5 years ago due to "ear problems" and I'm going to e-mail him directly to let him know there IS hope!

"Absolutely no problems, absolutely perfect."
Date: 4/21/2001
From: Mark Spiegel, Germany,

I always had ear problem and they were now non-existent when I used the Pro Ear on a one-week-vacation in Egypt. Absolutely no problems, absolutely perfect.

Thank you for this wonderful innovation that took my fear of ear problems away and lets me spend my vacation more relaxed than ever.

"For the first time in my life my ears did not hurt when descending!"
Date: 4/21/2001
From: Alphons van Lieshout - Sea Dragon Dive Center, Thailand,

Finally I had the chance to try the mask on one of our live-aboard trips and I was surprised by how easy it was to get my ears equalized. For the first time in my life my ears did not hurt when descending!
Thanks to the two straps the mask stayed well in place.

The improved sound was demonstrated when a boat came over during our dive. Incredible noise that was...

I am going to buy one for sure just because it makes diving for me so much more comfortable. One of our Divemasters bought one already and is very happy with it.

"I owe you a debt of gratitude, thank you this really works."
Date: 4/17/2001
From: Greg Mann -

I wanted to send you this letter to express my joy with the ProEar2000 mask. I bought the mask right after my last trip to Cozumel Mexico in August of 2000. I had some ear trouble on that trip that stopped me from diving the last day of my vacation. Major bummer! Beautiful water of the Caribbean ocean and I am on the surface. Well when I found the ProEar2000 I took the chance ordered the mask and because the winter had crept up I left the mask in the box with the rest of my scuba gear.
Everything I had read was true!I dove a whole week with no ear problems. I owe you a debt of gratitude, thank you this really works. I have told everyone who will listen, "if you have ear trouble and love to dive ProEar2000 will help solve your trouble"

Repetitive ear problems motivated me to give it a try and following some initial sessions in the pool I was encouraged enough to have some prescription lenses fitted before taking in on some serious diving on the GBR.

I found the ear enclosures to be easy to purge and the mask is very comfortable and leak free on my face. Like all diving gear it does take a little getting used to but I did not have any real difficulty.

The mask is very easy to take for granted. It becomes difficult to remember what diving without it was like!!!!!.

I performed my certification dives with a regular mask. Following the four cert dives, I had a horrible middle ear infection. My doctor told me that I had a Eustachian tube malfunction that had probably existed since childhood, but just hadn't appeared until I put it to extreme test. He recommended that I discontinue diving. Learning this after conquering a profound fear of being in the water was truly heart wrenching. Upon explaining this to my dive instructor, he got his hands on a pre-market ProEar. We tried it in the pool, and I loved it. So, when it became available, I purchased one. I put it to open water test in the Bahamas up to 45 ft. Not very deep and my descent was slow, but I was actually able to enjoy the dive. No ear hangovers! Also, thanks to your website, I have a clearer understanding of how to use the mask. My descents should be quicker now. I can't wait to try it out in Cozumel! Thank you for making this wonderful product available and my enjoyment of diving possible

"The mask definitely improves hearing underwater."
Date: 3/30/2001
From: Curtiss Wrigglesworth

I have had problems with ear infection all of my life but I have also wanted to learn how to Scuba dive for the longest time so I took a chance and took the class. It turns out that I loved the sport after being certified and going out on my own I started having problems with my ears again and I thought that I
would have to give it up.
Then I saw the mask in a dive magazine and asked my local dive shop to get one for me. Of course I tried it out in the local pool and realized how easy it was to use
I can even take the mask off under water and clear the mask and ear just as
easy as a regular mask. The mask definitely improves hearing underwater.
Sound seems to be more directional where before it seemed to come from
With a conventional mask I had trouble equalizing. With the Proear 2000 that has changed. Equalizing is not hard nor do I seem to have to do it as often.

I have recommended this mask to everyone that I know. In fact I have a third one on order now for one of my dive buddies to try out.

Please let me know when the ProEar Hoods are available.

"Thanks to Proear 2000 I can now do what I have always dreamed of! Thanks Pro Ear!"
Date: 3/21/2001
From: Mandy Quarles

Ever since I was about 13 I have had ear tubes. Within the past 2 years I have considered diving, but didn't think I could because of my EAR TUBES! Thanks to Proear 2000 I can now do what I have always dreamed of! Thanks Pro Ear!

"Thanks to your mask she is now able to enjoy the underwater world."
Date: 3/17/2001
From: Karen Galligan

First let me tell you how I've come to hear about your product. Not long ago my sister who was an long time diver had ear problems and could no longer dive, myself being a diver for over 20 years went looking for a solution to her problem, even to the existent of building our own devise but to no avail. That's when we discovered Pro Ear 2000; Thanks to your mask she is now able to enjoy the underwater world.

"I have no ear problems like before"
Date: 3/11/2001
From: Rob Fletcher - Rodales Diver to Diver Bulletin Board

It is much easier to equalize with this system. I stopped diving due to problems with equalizing, I always had to have a few sudafeds and the regulator bubbles irritated my ear drums. With this mask I keep up with the other divers on the descent and have no ear problems like before.
The day I tried the demo model I lent it to a girl who aborted her first dive of the day because of equalization problems. With the Pro Ear she had no difficulty on her next dive to 60 feet.
Its definitely worth trying out if you have ear problems.

"Impressive Mask!!"
Date: 3/6/2001
From: Angie Parker, Sport Diver Magazine

I have tried the mask again and I am impressed. I took it to Cozumel, where I tried your fitting suggestions and found that it works as promised. Even more impressive, a Divemaster on the boat also tried it and said that it was the easiest he has ever been able to equalize a "problem ear" that always gives him trouble! (See her review in the May issue of Sport Diver Mag. U.S.A.)

ScubaMed.Com Review
Date: 2/1/2001
From: Dr. Fred Bove

"There is a new device that can be used to keep the ears dry and allow a person with a perforated eardrum to dive. This is a mask that incorporates water tight ear covers. The new mask, is the Proear 2000. We have had a chance to test the mask on more than 20 dives, and find it works well but needs attention during donning to be sure the fit is correct."

"The mask works well for those with perforated eardrums, and will allow you to dive with a perforation. Another diver is helpful to get the ear covers positioned correctly, and remove hair from under the seal."

"ProEar 2000 to the rescue"
Date: 1/6/2001
From: Diversed - Rodales Diver to Diver Bulletin Board

It seemed like we had tried everything, but my wife ALWAYS got sick after the first day of diving. So, after reading the claims, we had to try the ProEar 2000
My wife & I love to dive. It's something that we look forward to doing together. As the hectic nature of our lives pulls us apart, a dive vacation bonds us back together. The "wrench in the gears" is that my wife ALWAYS gets sick (sinus infection, sinusitus, broncitus, it's always something sinus related) after the first or second day of diving. She's been to her Doctor for advice/treatment, she's been to the Allergy Doctor for treatment, she's been to THREE ENT specialist, two CAT scans, and two MRI. The conclusion was that none of the experts agree with the other and they certainly don't know why she continues to have problems.
So it's the ProEar 2000 to the rescue. We figured that the retail cost of the mask was about the cost of one trip to a specialist who couldn't tell us anything and hey, we'd be the first on our block to have one. We arrived @ Grand Cayman anxious to try out the mask. Two tank morning dive for our group and my wife is fine. She claims that she never has any problems clearing, and today is no exception. So far, so good. Day three is skipped but she does a night dive, still no problems. Day four has her doing three dives and still no problem. She skips day five but does two dives on day six. Return home, and we're into week # 4 with no sinus problems.
I would not be inclined to say that the ProEar "solved" everything. I'll just reiterate the fact that this is the first trip she has not had a sinus issue after diving. So, is it worth the cost? I feel that we could have saved THOUSANDS of dollars had we been using the ProEar since the beginning. Just one guy's humble opinion

"I am completely sold!"
Date: 1/3/2001
From: "Clint Carlson" St. Croix

You can stop sending me promotional material, I am completely sold! I just got back from two weeks on the Star Dancer in PNG. In the past, on live-aboard trips, I would always end up missing at least a day or two of diving because of sore ears that would not equalize. This trip, I dove 53 of 54 possible dives, just taking one night dive off because I wanted to take it off, not because my ears made me stop. This many dives would have been out of the question in the past. It took a few dives to get used to the different noises, but I will be a walking billboard for your mask on all future dives.

"It was the first time in my life I could dive for such a long period without any ear problems."
Date: 1/1/2001
From: "Wolfgang Assl" Austria

Just back from a 8 week diving excursion in Indonesia I would like to inform you about my experience with the ProEar.

It was the first time in my life I could dive for such a long period without any ear problems. After the first day of diving I forgot literally about the ear cups and I was using the ProEar the same way as I have always dived.

In Austria I am, in a way, an opinion leader and I will tell the Austrian divers and dealers about this wonderful new way of diving.

"ProEar 2000 mask makes a difference!!"
Date: 12/20/2000
From: "David A Drzewiecki"

I have just returned from my second dive trip since receiving my certification last October. On my first trip, I had to cut my diving short because of ear problems, mostly retaining water in my right ear. During the summer I was forced to abort two separate dives, one was a very expensive boat dive in which I was unable to clear my ears, the second ended me up in the hospital with a serious ear infection also because I was unable to clear. This was becoming a serious concern for me because I was unable to descend past 12 feet.

The trip I had the ProEar 2000 with me. I cannot begin to tell you about the sheer amazement and excitement that I experienced when I glanced at my dive computer and it indicated that I had ascended to over 70 ft. in just over a minute!
The ProEar 2000 has worked for me. I recently visited an ENT who also dives and diagnosed me as "one of those people who simply can not clear their ears." I'm glad that the ProEar 2000 made a liar out of him...

"The mask did everything you said it would"
Date: 12/7/2000
From: Dan Grobe, Grand Island, New York

I received by new mask in September, but did not have time then to get back in the water. I did, however, do about forty (40) minutes in a pool to get the feeling of the mask. I am happy to report that it is very comfortable and was very easy to get used to. This past weekend, while in Florida, I was able to get a forty-five (45) minute dive ten (10) meters with no problems at all. The mask did everything you said it would. My ears remained completely dry throughout the entire dive. Equalization is very easy. Sounds are much more directional. I just cannot tell you how enjoyable this dive was.

Thanks again for all the information and support. The mask is fantastic!

"This new mask is the reason I'm back and loving it."
Date: 12/2/2000
From: "BottomDweller" Rodale's Diver to Diver Bulletin Board

"I don't know why all divers don't use the method. We wear every other
kind of protection and leave an important organ like our ears exposed to considerable hydraulic pressure, cold temps and microorganisms. This is the reason I quit diving a long time ago.
This new mask is the reason I'm back and loving it."

"the ProEar works very well for snorkeling"
Date: 11/16/2000
From: Debra Sullivan USA

"Not only do I see the ProEar as something to help those who have already had trauma to an ear, but I think it is also applicable for individuals who have perfectly healthy ears and just want to keep them that way.
Additionally, the ProEar works very well for snorkeling. I previously snorkeled only for short periods at a time because I didn't like the feeling of water moving in and out of my ears frequently. On my recent trip, I found that using the ProEar made Snorkeling entirely comfortable and I snorkeled for hours at a time."

"Sense of well being"
Date: 11/7/2000
From: R Ramesh, India

From: Please allow me to thank you for a brilliant product and one that does what it says it would do. The benefits are very clearly spelt out on your website, I endorse that heartily. And also wish to state my diving skill seems to have suddenly got better with the mask, the sense of balance, sound perception, lesser equalizations are all true, most of all the sense of well being reflected by a much slower breathing parameter.
My congratulations as well as my sincere thanks for delivering a well researched quality product.

"Your ProEar is the best mask I have ever dove with"
Date: 11/1/2000
From: Marty Kolar, Las Vegas, NV

Your ProEar is the best mask I have ever dove with. I don't have ear problems, but it is a treat to swim for hours and not have water in your ears. Equalizing is a breeze. It is a purge model without the advertising. I can lightly exhale through the nose and eliminate any water I don't care for without touching the frame. That is a neat feature for underwater hunters.

ProEar 2000 mask saves diving career!!!!
Date: 11/1/2000
From: jim and marcia kuzma"

ProEar 2000 mask saves diving career!!!!
My wife and I both have a ProEar 2000 and we're here to tell you that diving has been a pleasure since the first day we used them. Anybody who suffers from ear trouble related to diving needs to try this mask

"Mask has changed my life"
Date: 10/25/2000
From: Geoffrey Woodmansey- PADI instructor-, Philippines

I have done about 100 dives with the mask and it has really changed my life. I always used to be very apprehensive about going diving because of all the problems I always had, but now I enjoy all my dives because I do not have to worry about my ears being hurt anymore."

"Thank you Proear for allowing me to dive again"
Date: 10/20/2000
From: Dr Dirk Jacobsz, Perth, Australia

"The ENT's said there was too much scarring on my ears and that my ear had healed with a perforation in it and I would never be able to dive again.
Enter Proear2000. I managed to get a mask and I am back to diving regularly. The mask is great to wear and I use a hood over it to ensure it stays in place. I have not had any problems with it after 25 plus dives and I was nervous when I first started diving again, so I did a few pool dives to get confident. The surge on the dives does not bother me now due to the wonderful mask.
So thank you Proear for allowing me to dive again. All of you out there you can dive with perforated ear drum."

"It still amazes me that this was only just recently introduced for sport diving"
Date: 10/16/2000
From: "DryEarDiver" From Rodales New Diver Bulletin Board

"Since I began 31 years ago divers have not even considered the value or importance of protecting their ears while diving . Are we stupid or something? It took them all this time to finally get around to it. Look at the statistics of aborted expensive dives do to ear pain and perforations and infections. It still amazes me that this was only just recently introduced for sport diving"

"Easier to Equalize"
Date: 9/8/2000
From: Pam Russell, USA

I absolutely love the mask. It did take a couple of dives to get it truly adjusted but I found it to actually be easier to equalize and was very excited by the fact that I did not take on any water!!! You have an outstanding product on your hands and many people were interested so I gave them your website!

"This has been amazing"
Date: 9/4/2000
From: Alvaro Alonso-Majagranzas Baena, Spain

I say I am fortunate because during my summer vacations I made 32 dives in 29 days. 32 dives without any single problem in my ears, this has been amazing.
Normally I have problems on the tenth day (one dive per day) and I have to stop diving during 3-4 days. This year was different.

"GREAT piece of dive gear"
Date: 8/16/2000
From: ScubaMike, Posted on Rodale's Scuba Diving - Diver to Diver message board

This will be a GREAT piece of dive gear for those afflicted with diving type ear problems. This will also be great for quarry and pool dives as many people have adverse reactions to those types of water.
I personally never have problems, but I have been diving with many divers who have these problems. This mask will enable many divers to fully enjoy diving again... without ear problems

"A major breakthrough"
Date: 7/8/2000
From: Nana M. Uy, Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort, Inc. Philippines

Finally got the mask and tried it right away. First, I practiced in the pool for about an hour, putting it on and exhaling and clearing. It really was very easy.

Then I went diving with my husband on our house reef at Mantangale ( a few meters away from our resort) and boy ! really enjoyed my dive. For the first time I went down to 110 ft. I was finally able to see the beautiful black corals my husband has been talking about for years and got to hand-feed a large grouper who is a permanent resident there.

Really enjoyed using this very well designed mask. A major breakthrough indeed. Now I can get to dive the sites my husband and his guests have been talking about.

Date: 7/4/2000
From: Antoinette Provel, USA



"Fantastic Creation"
Date: 7/2/2000
From: Polly Waddington

Wasteland Scuba
"Fantastic Creation - for the first time in a year and a half I have been able to dive for more than a couple of days without experiencing extreme pain. It has also given me the chance to return to full-time SCUBA Instruction for which I am enormously grateful"
I am guarding my ProEar with my life....I have had several offers (including one of $400 cash on the spot) for it.

Date: 7/1/2000
From: ASIF CHAUDHRI, Pakistan

I would like to congratulate you once again for inventing a new product for the diving world. I hope and pray that people like yourself will keep innovating new products for divers. I thoroughly enjoy diving and this new mask will help me keep up this adventurous sport for much longer than I would have without it.

"ProEar junkie!"
Date: 6/30/2000
From: Kristen - Annapolis, MD. USA

My overall impressions of the mask have been terrific. The ear cups clear very, very nicely. It got a lot of attention even in the pool from other divers. If it works as well as I suspect this weekend then it will be the sole thing which allows me to continue diving, and I will be a confirmed
ProEar junkie!"

The mask was great!
Date: 6/20/2000
From: Paula Gal-Edd, Baltimore MD

From: I love to scuba dive and developed a hearing problem a year ago which threatened my diving future. I heard about the Pro Ear mask from a friend and was able to tryout a prototype on a recent trip. The mask was great! I was able to keep my ear dry by using the mask with a swim cap (which was necessary to get a good seal with my long hair).
Equalizing was easy and the improved sound definition was a real bonus. I loved the Pro Ear mask!

"Easy Equalization"
Date: 6/18/2000
From: David Blacklock,

I can honestly say the mask was excellent allowing easy equalization, dry ears and good vision. During the whole holiday I never got that 'wet ear' feeling and while other people were saying their ears felt tired and fragile mine were fine. Additionally there was much interest from the Divemasters who dive all year round and suffer with regular infections as well as other divers alike.

Remember only 3 months ago I had had a perforated ear drum with a serious ear infection and this holiday was in jeopardy.

In addition I'd also like to re-iterate my appreciation of your customer service before I departed for the Red Sea, again without your help and understanding my holiday could have been very different. Thanks again, I sincerely believe the product will be very successful, as it deserves to be, and you certainly have one avid salesman here in the UK.

"There is definitely a need for such a device in the diving field."
Date: 6/10/2000
From: Glen H. Egstrom Ph.D. - DEMA Hall of Fame

"The ProEar device has great potential for relieving the problems that many divers have due to ear infections and broken or damaged ear drums. Thousands of divers every year abort dives that could be enjoyed with the use of the product you are developing.
The concept is very sound and the prototypes function well. There is definitely a need for such a device in the diving field."

"All I can say is WOW!!!!!!"
Date: 5/28/2000
From: From: Tracy Unstead - www.Dominican Diving.Com

I had great success with the mask I can tell you it made a world of difference to my diving. This was the first time that I have been able to do more than two dives and then have to give it a break for a couple of days. We dived everyday, most days were two tank dives sometimes only to about 12m other days as deep as 32m. I never had a problem at any depth with equalizing and the equalizing was so easy, much easier than before with my old mask.
This has made such a difference I can now progress my diving further, hopefully to at least dive master, with confidence that I am not going to have problems with my ears.

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